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Why Do You Need 4WD Mag Wheel Packages for Your 4×4 Vehicle?

Mag wheels are quite an integral part of the modern car enthusiasts wish list. So much so that the manufacturers nowadays are coming up with new and innovative designs and types of mag wheels. The latest to pop up into the limelight are the 4wd mag wheel packages.


Importance of 4WD Mag Wheels:

Just as the name suggests, 4wd mag wheels are meant for 4×4 vehicles, which have to endure a lot of off road expeditions. Mag wheels are robust, although, they have their strength-bearing limit. As a result, owners are advised not to exert excessive pressure on the rims.

However, 4wd mag wheel packages are designed to absorb a lot more abuse than racing mags. As a result, they do not break easy. Mag wheels can be quite expensive to repair, so much so that most people prefer buying a new pair instead.

Hence, the next time you hit a curb on your mags, be careful not to cause any major damage, since it can pinch a huge hole in your pocket. Mag wheels are quite expensive as it is, any sort of damage could result in even greater problems for the owner.

Why Not to Opt for Replica Wheels:

If you are looking for only show and no go, replica wheels are the perfect fit. However, make sure that you opt for a reliable manufacturer, since most replica wheels are manufactured at the local factories who have just bought the rights to product a similar looking rim. These hardly pass any structural tests and are never checked for balancing.

The importance of wheel balancing is not new, although, you might never have given it a serious thought. Wheel balancing is what ensures a smooth ride and your vehicle’s longevity. Hence, ask the dealer whether the wheels are balanced, before you finally go ahead and make an investment.

There are numerous designs for you to choose from while looking for 4wd mag wheel packages at your trusted local tyre shop. However, try not to go over the top with things. Mag wheels are available in a variety of paint schemes.These can go a long way in uplifting the general feel of your car. However, you need to have a basic sense of colour combination in order to hit the right chord.

Old School vs. New School:

While the younger generation love to strut their stuff, the older generation prefer sober. Hence, coloured mag wheels are slowly gaining popularity. However, there is nothing to be concerned about, since you can opt for the old-fashioned mag wheels too if you like. These lack colour, but not character!

Modern replica wheels have slowly started duplicating 4ws mag wheels too, although, they cannot be differentiated from the outside, at a glance. This is a major reason for concern, since dubious customers can be duped by the dealers. Hence, it is very important to trust the retailer that you plan on dealing with. Running a background check always helps!

The Basics of Wheel and Tyre Packages

4WDs need the right wheels and tyres to get to otherwise inaccessible places, and if you’re buying wheel packages, you’ll need to learn about your options. Car wheels come in multiple sizes, and making the right choice often depends on the vehicle’s make and model. Several factors are at play when choosing wheels and tyres, such as tread life, ride quality, wet weather handling and load rating. 4WD wheel packages can be a substantial investment, and the information given below will help you make the most of it.

Wheel and Tyre Packages

4WD Wheels

There are two types of 4WD wheels available: traditional steel wheels, and lighter, newer alloys. Steel wheels have been used for decades; they’re inexpensive and durable, but they are utilitarian-looking and heavy. Alloys are made from aluminium and other metals—they’re more costly than steelies, but their light weight can greatly improve fuel economy and handling.

  • Steel wheels are factory installed on most new vehicles, and they are popular due to their low price. Changing wheel covers can help you customize your vehicle’s look, but choices are still limited.
  • Alloy wheels were once used only on race vehicles, but today they’re commonly used on 4WDs as well. Alloys are typically more costly than steelies, but they carry many advantages.

4WD Tyres

When buying tyres for your 4WD vehicle, you should concentrate on function at least as much as form. Because these vehicles are meant for off-roading, you’ll need to assess your driving habits. Most vehicles have stickers inside the glove compartment or driver’s side doorjamb that indicate the largest and smallest tyre sizes to be used. You’ll need to consider other details, such as:

  • Ride quality, which refers to the ride’s smoothness. Lower profile tyres may be stylish, but they won’t stand up to rugged terrain. These tyres handle better, but can leave car wheels vulnerable to damage.
  • Tread life is another important consideration, as 4WD tyres can cost quite a bit. You’ll need enough tread to grip slick roads, and you should consider tyre quality before making a selection.


To get the most out of your tyre and wheel packages, you should check your tyres regularly and maintain them properly. Use a tyre pressure gauge to check their air pressure; the amount required for 4WD tyres can vary. Check your tyres with the changing of the seasons, as temperature shifts can cause pressure to fluctuate. To ensure even wear, tyres should be rotated roughly every 6000 miles.

Finding the Right Tyre and Wheel Packages

Once you know what type of wheels and tyres you want, you can search online for packages that fit your vehicle. Knowing some basic sizing information can help as well, as packages are available in sizes ranging from 15-26 inches. Finding the right car wheels and tyres can be simple if you know your options. Steel wheels are tops for price and durability, but alloy wheels are worth the investment if you’re focused on appearance and quality.